The 10th event of the Hungarian Conservation Biology Conference Series (HCCB) will be the workshop on the research of endemic mammalian species of the Carpathian Basin, with particular attention to conservation aspects. The organisers of the workshop, together with the Hungarian Biological Society are the following organisations: the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - MTA Centre for Ecological Research, the Mammal Protection Working Group, BirdLife Hungary - Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society, the Hungarian Natural History Museum, the Kiskunság National Park Directorate and the University of Szeged - Department of Ecology.

The patron of the 10th HCCB is Dr. Marcel Szabó, Ombudsman for Future Generations.

The 10th HCCB also places great emphasis on the promotion of dialogue and exchange between participating parties of the Hungarian nature conservation. All are welcome to the event from abroad and from Hungary as well. The talks' preferred language is Hungarian, but English-language presentations are also welcome.